All New Suzuki Alto 2019 660cc ready to be launched on 15th June 2019.

It has been a while when Pakistan has finally said good bye to its National Car Suzuki Mehran. Mehran ruled the local market for almost 3 decades. Now Suzuki is introducing its new Alto. This article will cover the upcoming new Suzuki Alto 2019 660cc – Launch, Specification, Variants and Prices.

Suzuki is the market leader for 3 decades in Pakistan automotive industry by producing budget and fuel economical cars. It introduced several cars and models in this time period but the most successful was its Suzuki Mehran. Mehran had basic functionalities with a 800cc engine and a 4 speed manual transmission.

With changing trends and economics of the world and especially of Pakistan there was a special need in the market for 660cc cars. 660cc cars also known as KEI cars were introduced in Japan more than a decade ago. These KEI cars were not only on fuel consumption but had equivalent luxury and features compared to other Sedans and Hatchbacks with more engine power.

Following the footsteps of its parent company Suzuki Motor Corporation Pak Suzuki motor Co., LTD decided to bring in the 660cc Alto.
Suzuki is now all set to Launch is New model of Suzuki Alto 2019 660cc with 3 variants VXL, VXR and VX on 15 June 2019 replacing Suzuki Mehran. This new Suzuki Alto 2019 660cc will be the only entry level budget car which is made in Pakistan having Auto gear Shift. Following are some pictures and the details on New Suzuki Alto 2019 660cc – Launch, Specification, Variants and Prices.

Suzuki Alto 2019 Front head lights and bumper
Suzuki Alto 2019 Doors
Suzuki Alto 2019 back lamps
Suzuki Alto 2019 Interior
Suzuki Alto 2019 660 cc Engine

The New Suzuki Alto 2019 660cc will have 3 variants VXL, VXR and VX which is the traditional way for Pak Suzuki to launch different variants of their cars. All of the variants will have 660cc engines but with different features. Alto was earlier revealed on PAPS 2019 with limited visuals. Click here to view complete video of PAPs 2019.

Suzuki Alto 2019 VXL Specification and Price

Predicting the features of a VXL variant as per leaked footage and a partial appearance in PAPS Auto Show 2019 it will have 2 Air Bags, ABS brakes, Automatic Gear Box, retractable side mirrors and multiple color options. A VXL variant is assumed to be priced at approx PKR 1,275,000. This is after the 2.5% FED added by the govt in the recent budget.

Suzuki Alto 2019 VXR Specification and Price

A VXR variant will not have Air bags and will come with a 4 speed manual gear box. It is assumed that a VXR variant will be priced at PKR 1,175,000.

Suzuki Alto 2019 VX Specification and Price

Lastly a low graded VX variant which will not have Air condition, Air Bags and will have a 4 Speed Manual Gear box. It is assumed that a VX
variant will be priced at PKR 980,000.

As per Suzuki the launch will be on 15 June 2019. Suzuki there will announce 30 lucky winners which will be able to take away the car at only PKR 500,000. This will be only for those who initial booked Alto after the reveal in PAPS auto Show 2019.

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